Don't Flinch

Script Submission

We are looking for a few good scripts for the horror anthology podcast “Don’t Flinch”.

The style we are going for is theater play meets podcast. The script should be between 7 and 15 minutes in length. We are not looking for first person narration styles, although we may certainly entertain them if they are extra special.

If it has a twist ending, all the better. Everyone loves a good twist especially if we didn’t see it coming, yet the clues were there all along.

Not A Guarantee

Submitting your script is not a guarantee that we will choose it. This is the first step. We will read all scripts submitted and pick the ones we feel fit the podcast best. At that point we will contact you and get additional information.

Final Say

We know you, as authors, have spent a lot of time on your work. We want to respect it as best we can; however, we also have to convey the story via audio only. So changes may be made at our discretion should your script be chosen.

You Own Your Script, We Own The Podcast Rights To This Performance

It will all be detailed out in the final contract. Long and short of it is. We want you to keep the ownership of your script, but we will have the rights to use it in this podcast, distribution of this podcast, and any marketing we might do for this podcast and the overriding company “Creative Zombie Studios”.

You Will Be Paid Upon Selection And Contract Signing

We definitely want to take care of you, the author. We are offering $100 per selected script (again submission of this script does not mean selection of this script) to be paid within 30 days of contract signing. We know it isn’t a lot, but we have to watch our costs as putting this together is expensive on our end. This is also why we allow you to hold onto the ownership of your script.

Crowdfunding Participation Does Not Equal Automatic Selection

If you have donated to our crowdfunding campaign, thank you very much. We appreciate all of our donors. This project would not get off the ground if not for the people helping us fund this venture.

Unfortunately we have to draw the line at pay for play. We have a certain style of story we are looking for and accepting scripts based solely on someone supporting us financially is something we are not prepared to do. Again we appareciate the support, but one will not equal the other. If you choose not to support us via our crowdfunding campaign, we completely understand. Your script will still be read and reviewed just as everyone else’s will be.

Crowdfunding Participation Does Not Equal Automatic Selection

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us using the contact page form (not the script submission form).

Thank you for your interest in this project. Good luck!