Don't Flinch

Composer Submission

Composer Submission

We are looking for an intro theme for our horror anthology podcast that halted production in 2020 and looking to regroup. We had a theme at the time but it was a placeholder as it was royalty free.

The theme needs to be eerie, unsettling, but with a hook that you can hum throughout the day. The podcast is called “Don’t Flinch” so an element of unpredictability or flinch inducing hit can be played with.

We will need stems and the ability to re-work the song for the intro, outro, and the pieces in between. We may need to work it into other areas of the stories for thematic purposes.

Payment Terms

The payment terms will be based on several factors including best fit for the podcast, length of music, your experience, whether we get full copyrights or you retain rights and more.

We are flexible on cost depending on several factors. We will get full rights to use the music for the podcast and marketing of the podcast and may use the theme music in any way we decide regarding the podcast.

What We Are Not Looking For

We have no interest in spec work. We want to hear what you have done in the past and some information on your process and we will find the best fit from there.

What We Are Looking For

Please submit work that is related to projects you’ve done that can show us pieces of what we are looking for above. It doesn’t necessarily need to be from the horror genre but anything that can show us that you can work along our guidelines, eerie, unpredictable, a memorable hook, etc.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us using the contact page form (not the composer submission form).

Thank you for your interest in this project. Good luck!